Professional and skilled borehole drillers

Best is class water supply solutions

Water Brick Uganda is the leading borehole drilling company in Kampala Uganda, specializing in borehole drilling services, general construction, swimming pools, hydro geological survey among other water works.

Water Brick also offers a wide range of high quality drilling services to clients and geotechnical companies. With turn-key solutions suitable for construction, exploration and geological industries we are able to meet the specific requirements of clients..

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Water Brick Uganda offers all the necessary services that are required for the delivery of independent water supply, providing constant flow, pressure and quality water at the flick of a switch.

This includes the design and construction of boreholes for domestic and commercial properties, factories, hotels, golf courses, hospitals and water supply companies. We provide a one-stop service from water surveys, construction of boreholes, yield testing and installation of submersible pumps, as well as storage tank supply and installation.

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Professional and skilled drillers

All our foremen are experienced drillers and up to date with all technical requirements, ensuring that we are able to meet the challenge of any of our client's needs.

We demand high standards of workmanship from our employees and have successfully completed numerous projects for various mining houses and other clients.

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We specialize in the services below

Wells / Boreholes

Borehole drilling, installations, testing and repairs. We are industry leaders and have developed a reputation of excellence in the industry.

Water pumps

Supply, repair, maintenance and installation of all water pumps. Any custom builds needed, solar pumps and water pumps of all ranges and across all industries.

Water tanks

Supply and installation of all water storage, our experience in the design and construction of water storage is unmatched.

GeoTech Solutions

Surveys for hydropower projects development, oil exploration, water exploration, road works, among others.